Kate Verity at Maindee Primary

Our Arts Champion Kate Verity worked with the EcoCouncil at Maindee Primary School to create an interactive wall mural highlighting the problem of plastic in the ocean.

Zappar is “an augmented reality platform and a creative studio, rolled into one”, the ZapWorks software allows you to create augmented reality content and the Zappar app allows people to view your content online by scanning a unique code.


The class had previously been using Google Slides to make their presentations, Kate demonstrated how the group could transfer their work into the ZapWorks studio to create interactive content that anyone can see by scanning a code with their mobile phone.

To raise awareness about the harm plastic is doing to the ocean and it’s wildlife the group created a large wall mural in the school using painted vinyl cut-outs in the style of Matisse. By painting the vinyl before cutting it out creates a texture that flows across the neatly cut-out shapes. The sticky vinyl can be used to make a large image without painting the wall and creates a different effect.


Before cutting the vinyl the group designed their mural to tell a story, including ocean life, sea waves and the plastic invaders, allowing them to think about how to best use available space. The mural includes the Zappar code which lets people easily access the accompanying interactive presentation.

This project is an example of how traditional art techniques can be combined with information technology and augmented reality to create a multi-media artwork that makes equal use of the physical space and the virtual space.


Scan the code with the Zappar app to try the eco quiz.

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