COVID-19 for Kids

We’ve found these illustrated PDF’s about the CORVID-19 pandemic that help children understand what Coronavirus is and what they can do to stop it spreading.

These books are written for children around the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They should be read by a parent, caregiver or teacher alongside a child or a small group of children. It is not encouraged for children to read them independently without the support of a parent, caregiver or teacher.


Coronavirus – A book for children

“There’s a new word you might have heard.
You might hear people talking about it or you might hear it on the news. This word is the reason that you’re not going to school. It is the reason you can’t go outside very often or visit your friends. It might be the reason why the grown-up or grown-ups who look after you are at home.”


My Hero is You

My Hero is You

“Sara’s mum is her hero because she is the best mum and the best scientist in the world. But even Sara’s mum cannot find a cure for the coronavirus.
“What does COVID-19 look like?” Sara asked her mum…”